Take the luck out of your landscape photography!

If your simply stuck on auto mode, a keen beginner or enthusiast, join me on one of my workshops and learn how to capture professional quality landscape photographs. My workshops allow you to spend a fun filled session learning all my techniques as I freely share my photographic knowledge and experiences. I use a range of camera equipment from current digital SLR cameras and water housings, medium format film and drones and am happy to assist with any medium. As well as camera technique, with my unique background in Environmental Science and the Printing trade, I can also teach you other key factors that subtly inform my landscape photographs that others simply can not.

The After-Workshop

$180 pp

4 hours

Spend an evening at a metropolitan destination of your choice for an inspiring and educational photographic workshop. It’s all about getting the image you’ve been looking for and learning how to get the best results from your camera. You will learn about composition, lighting and camera technique combined with other theory on the go. 

The After Work-Shop allows you to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to, is destination specific and allows maximum camera time while being a relaxing and informative way to finish your work day! 

All this at a destination of your choice, Monday to Friday or weekends from 1pm until sunset in winter and 4pm until sunset during daylight saving. 


Please get in touch to book your one on one workshop.

For further information and bookings please click here.


Overview                                                                                            What to bring      

One on one or groups of 4                                                                   Digital or film camera

Beginner to enthusiast                                                                          Tripod

5pm until late (after sunset)                                                                   Filters

Within 60km of CBD                                                                              Sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for all weather conditions

Digital / Film in any format 

Fleurieu Field Day

$350 pp

8 hours

Experience the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula with me on this daylong field trip taking you to the most photogenic locations the region has to offer. With no set itinerary except ‘somewhere on the Fleurieu’, we will head to beautiful landscapes, dictated by the weather and lighting on the day to achieve the breathtaking landscape photographs you’re after.  Whether it be deep in a beautiful forest, by a waterfall or along a stunning stretch of coast, I will help you get beautiful results you will be proud of.   

Dividing the day into two parts, spend the early afternoon with me learning key landscape techniques such as composition, use of natural light and camera operation (2hrs) in one of the Fleurieu’s great eateries.  We will then head-off on a road trip throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula for an afternoon of landscape photography putting your new knowledge into practice (5 hrs plus). 

The Fleurieu Field Day is designed to be inspiring and informative and will help you get your landscape photography where you want it to be. 

 For further information and bookings please click here.

Overview                                                                                              What to bring

Maximum 4 people                                                                                 Digital or film camera

Beginner to enthusiast                                                                           Tripod

12 noon until late (after sunset)                                                               Filters (polariser, neutral density)

Lunch provided                                                                                     Sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for all weather conditions

Digital / Film in any format